Saturday, July 23, 2005

Day 6 - Rush, rush, hurry, hurry

Our last day in Ubud was characterized by a desperate rush to accomplish as much as we could. There were still gifts to buy, restaurants to check out, massages to be enjoyed…

0730 h Had breakfast on the porch of Room No.15.

0830 h HM and I decided to split up so that we could get more things done. I stayed and packed up so that we could move to Room No. 8 in the afternoon. HM went for yoga at Balispirit Yoga Studios.

Balispirit Yoga Studio on Jalan Hanoman

1030 h Brunch at Batan Waru. We finally made it back there and the food was once again delicious.

Tum ayam

Urap pakis

Together with a cardamom lassi and a sweet lassi, the meal cost us a very reasonable 90090 Rp (S$18)

1200 h HM went for a Balinese massage with lulur and mandi, at Nur Salon. The therapist was more professional and experienced than those at Pertinen, she said, and it cost less than 200000 Rp (S$40).

Entrance to Nur Salon

Meanwhile, I continued looking for gifts and other things that we had been tasked to buy.

First, I found the Ticket to the Moon shop along Jalan Raya Ubud which sells hammocks made of parachute material. The list price said US$50 for a single and US$60 for a double, but the salesgirl quoted me 150000 Rp (S$30) and 200000 Rp (S$40) respectively, so I ended up buying three hammocks for a friend who had requested for them.

Then, I spotted some bikinis on sale. Made for tanning rather than swimming, the bikinis had fun prints on them and were only 40000 Rp (S$8) each, so into the shopping bag went one of those for a friend who fancies herself a beach babe.

After that, I got sidetracked by the bookshops. I ended up buying a copy of Wallace’s The Malay Archipelago, for only 75000 Rp (S$15), at Periplus which was having a big sale. I also bought a map of Ubud from Ganesha’s (30000 Rp/S$6), as a souvenir for myself.

1330 h The hunt resumed, with HM leading the way down Jalan Dewi Sita. From Hari Ini, we emerged with two pairs of silver earrings and one toe ring (256000 Rp/S$51). And from Kou, we bought some lovely scented organic soap, some minty green, some vanilla, some orange, for 33000 Rp (S$6.60). Phew, it was time for lunch.

1430 h We retreated to Casa Luna.

The view from Casa Luna

The Casa Luna dining area

Our menu:

• Vietnamese beef salad with lemongrass dressing
• Grilled Tenggiri* Tostada with eggplant paste on a tortilla
• Coconut ice cream
• Black rice ice cream
• Tea flores
• Comfort tea with nutmeg and ginger milk
• Bali kopi

*Tenggiri (Spanish Mackeral)

Who would have thought that grilled fish with eggplant paste on a tortilla would taste so good? The bill came up to 154100 Rp (S$31).

1600 h Time to head back to Tegal Sari with our spoils, but this time we couldn’t get through to Tegal Sari’s phone line. For once, the transport guys got the job and they were only too happy to oblige. The “fare” came up to only 10000 Rp (S$2).

Our new room, Room No. 8, was perfect after a long hard (!) day shopping.

The tub in Room No. 8

Another cosy sofa area, this time in Room No. 8

The sitting area in the porch

To the left of No.8

Looking ahead from No. 8

Of the three rooms, this had the most resort-like bathroom. The shower was paved with polished stones! A soak in the bathtub really hit the spot.

1800 h “Disaster” struck. My stomach felt all bloated; indigestion had set in. Not on our last night in Ubud, I agonized. We had yet to try Warung Enak, Mozaic, Murni’s, and so many other restaurants. But enough was enough - I didn’t think I could stomach another spicy/rich meal.

It was HM who suggested eating Japanese. Momoko, our walking companion from the day before who was holidaying in Bali for the tenth time, had in fact recommended the Ryoshi chain of restaurants. We hadn’t of course come to Bali for its Japanese cuisine, but then again, with the large number of Japanese tourists evident in Bali, especially in Ubud, the Japanese restaurants had to be good.

1930 h Dinner at Ryoshi, preceded by a small bout of shopping desperation. We bought some Bali coffee at a supermarket for a friend whom we hadn’t managed to get anything for up to that point and in any case we hadn’t a clue what to get.

Ryoshi turned out to be a good choice, and not just for an invalid! It was almost empty the night we were there, which was a pity because the ingredients were fresh, the cooking competent and the bill for two was only 174000 Rp (S$34).

Ryoshi in Ubud

Inside the restaurant

Chawan mushi

Zaru soba (cold soba)

Agadeshi tofu

Fresh strawberries (from Bedegul) with honey

2100 h Our ride from Tegal Sari arrived to pick us up. It was Made who had first driven us from Sanur to Ubud. We chatted on the short ride back to Tegal Sari. It was a bittersweet moment, for our time in Ubud was coming to an end. It was time for us to pack and go home.


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Wonderfully genteel Baliblog, Blobbes. I'm drawn to different perspectives of Bali, especially as I recently spent 5 days there - after an absence of 26 years!

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