Sunday, July 24, 2005

Day #7 - Going Home

With our flight at 1 p.m., there was not much we could do in the morning. I met Wayan at the reception, as I was settling our bill (1550000 Rp/S$310 for 4 nights’ accommodation). He volunteered to drive us to the airport.

As HM settled the last of the packing, I went out to Kakiang Bakery to get us some snacks for the wait at the airport: two corn buns and a lovely chewy brown loaf with walnuts and raisins. I had a last look around…

Room No. 11, our favourite for the view

A last look at the padi fields

View of Tegal Sari, from the rear

Then it was time to leave. The drive to the airport was mostly uneventful, except that Wayan got a call from his colleagues to say that we had left some item of clothing behind in our room. It would apparently go into the Lost and Found box, so that we could claim it the next time we were there. Even without that, we knew we were planning on returning.

Going through airport procedures was also painless this time round. Unlike the last time, we had put aside sufficient money in rupiah to pay the airport tax and have some left over for coffee. The airport was also considerably improved in terms of the number and variety of duty-free shops. Nevertheless, we found little to buy, being put off by the high prices. In the end we found a shop where the incense was only two times the price in Ubud, so we bought some just in case we had forgotten gifts for anyone back home.

As we drank our last cup of Bali kopi at one of the small cafes, we wondered whether the flight would go as planned. On my previous trip home, on a Garuda flight, some technical problem had been detected 15 minutes after take-off. The plane had to turn back to Denpasar where we had to wait three hours for a replacement plane to fly us out. Perhaps some similar problem would crop up and we’d have to stay an extra day in Bali! But it was wishful thinking. The flight took off as planned. Our Bali trip was over.

Small consolation - Lamb rendang

Flying home from Bali on SQ - Grilled fish


Anonymous Sue said...

Great to see another couple of women having such a wonderful time in Bali, enjoying the food, culture, scenery and way of life.

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